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Amelia Alcock White

Meet Amelia Alcock White, an integral member of our SHD community. This Vancouver-born artist captures reflections on water to show the contrast between untouched nature and nature modified by humans. 

amelia white

Her work is the conduit by which she highlights the long-lasting and harmful effects of these man-made changes. Along with our deep fascination for her compositions, we love her commitment to advocating for our oceans. 

Personally, I also have a history of swimming and an affinity for water, so it’s no wonder that Amelia’s work speaks to me. What intrigues me most, however, is how she adds reflection to give each piece depth and complexity. Up close, it’s abstract and intricate, but step back, and it looks like a photograph brought to life.

featured art

I encourage you to explore the beautiful work on her website. You may even be inspired to add her photorealistic art to your next home project!

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