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furnish a whole home green sofa custom recessed shelving warm tree artwork nature-inspired home

Should You Furnish Your Whole Home at Once?

Should you furnish a whole home at once? Most designers will say yes, but if you ask me, ...

5 Design Ideas for Inspiring a Cozy Home

Now more than ever, feeling sheltered, cocooned, and cozy at home has become a top priority. Amid the ...

Bold, Classic Dining Room with a Contemporary Touch

The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but the dining room is where the family gathers ...

5 Reasons to Love & Renovate Mid-Century Homes

If you look around, you will find mid-century homes all over North Vancouver. In fact, I have one ...

Design Homework: The Secret to a Home that Feels Like You

For most people, “homework” is a word loaded with meaning and memories. If you are like me, you ...

Why Designing & Renovating Your Home Takes a Village

How many experts does it take to design and renovate your home? More than you might think. It ...

The Emotional Roller Coaster of a Renovation

A roller coaster of emotions. This phrase can be used to describe a thrilling page-turner or the latest ...

Designing a Home that Supports Your Active Lifestyle

North Vancouver is a naturally breathtaking place, and if you’re anything like me, getting outdoors is a year-round ...
COVER - two dogs on green sofa gold frame simply home decorating design for homes with pets north vancouver

7 Smart Home Design Tips for Living with Pets

In my opinion, life is better with pets. Whether it’s your puppy playfully romping through the grass or ...

The 5 Essential Elements of The Simple Home

We’ve all heard the adage “less is more”, and while it may conjure images of minimalism and efficiency, ...

5 Ways We’re Reimagining the Kitchen for Modern-Day Living

North Vancouver is infamous for decades-old homes with small kitchens lacking in both space and functionality. In these ...

Modern Kitchen, Living Room & Home Office for an Active Family

What comes to mind when you envision the perfect multi-faceted living spaces? Is it an expansive amount of ...

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