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What Sets Us Apart as an Interior Design Studio


In the dynamic, ever-changing world of interior design, where various business models and design approaches thrive, it is natural to ask: What sets Simply Home Decorating apart from the rest? 

By this, I don’t mean “how are we better”, but rather what makes us different. After all, every designer has their own unique process, approach, and aesthetic — and the best results emerge when you find a designer with whom you genuinely align and connect.

Over my 20+ years of leading Simply Home Decorating, this design studio has become an amalgamation of my personal values, experience, vision, and finely honed processes. If you are considering working with us, I welcome you to keep reading for a peek inside the beating heart of what we do. 

1. We believe that luxury is a home customized to you.

While there may be themes that repeat throughout our projects (such as natural materials and high quality), we don’t confine ourselves to a specific “look” or style. Rather, our designs are tailored to your family, becoming a distinct embodiment of your identity, aspirations, and lifestyle. This customized approach allows us to create interiors that:

  • Deeply resonate with you
  • Bring daily ease to your active lifestyle
  • Endure over many years

Every furnishing choice, custom design, colour palette, and arrangement is curated with artful intention, bringing forth spaces that reflect what matters most. This is what luxury means to us.


The Raven Woods Condo

2. We take pride in start-to-finish project management.

Until recently, I did not realize that comprehensive project management was such a rarity in the interior design industry. Since speaking with several potential clients in recent months, I have learned that designers who manage all aspects of a project are few and far between.  To us, finishing the job we started is simply one of our core values. We have always been involved in leading every conceivable facet of our clients’ projects including:

  • Design conceptualization
  • Assembling contractors and speciality trades for you
  • Designing, selecting, and procuring materials and furnishings
  • Scheduling and overseeing every aspect of the scope of work
  • Keeping you abreast of progress
  • Invoicing and vendor communication
  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving, as needed
  • Final installation and styling

Not to mention all of the little details that fall into each of those categories. In short, we are your comprehensive solution to everything that needs to be done during this substantial undertaking. Acting as your dedicated liaison and project manager, we keep your project on course and your interests paramount. Our work isn’t complete until every single detail is impeccably executed.


The Larkhall Crescent Renovation

3. We take a community-centric approach to our work.

We firmly believe that every design project takes a village to achieve. Our extensive community, assembled and vetted over my 20+ years in the industry, includes the very best local tradespeople, artisans, artists, and suppliers. Each is a master of his or her craft. As we launch your project with our infamous “Trade Day”, you will be impressed by how many experts arrive to prioritize you and your home!

Our community-driven ethos not only results in well-executed designs, but also infuses a sense of shared purpose into each project. The artisans who shape your custom pieces, the tradespeople who bring our designs to life, and the suppliers who provide us with top-notch materials — these are all essential members of our design family. You can take pride in knowing that your home was lovingly crafted by people who care.


Artwork by Lisa Ochowycz, featured in the Lions Bay entryway.

4. Open communication and transparency are non-negotiables.

Transparency is the cornerstone of our operation. Any design project represents a long-term relationship with our clients, and we simply can’t do the work we do without great communication. What does this look like during your project?

  • We maintain a visible pricing model from the start
  • We take time to get to know you and your lifestyle at the outset of your project
  • We follow a highly polished and meticulous 15-step process (which we will share with you)
  • We provide a dedicated Dropbox folder with all renovation documents and invoices
  • We send you regular weekly updates to keep you fully informed as your project progresses

Some designers’ clients prefer not to know the details; they would rather let the designer surprise them at the end. That is a personal choice and absolutely fine. With us, however, you will never have to wonder about the progress of your project or the rationale behind a decision. We are committed to sharing both the triumphs and challenges as we create a home you love.


The P.E.I Home Renovation

5. Our design studio is small but mighty, and led by our Principal.

In the vast expanse of the design industry — and despite our 20-year history — our firm stands out for being a small yet mighty team. We don’t believe in scaling for the sake of scaling. Instead, we believe in the work and its impact. To deliver the most exceptional design experience, we intentionally limit the number of projects we undertake annually, allowing us to provide highly focused attention to each and every client.

In addition, as the business owner and principal designer, I am personally invested in the success of your project from start to finish. Yes, my team is involved (it takes a community), but I remain hands-on and dedicated to ensuring each detail is executed with precision and care. My team and I collaborate seamlessly, contributing our individual expertise to your greatest advantage.


Are we the right design studio for you?

In essence, Simply Home Decorating is not only about creating visually stunning spaces. We are passionate about infusing your personality and lifestyle into each design choice, capturing the magic that transforms houses into homes.

With a commitment to unwavering quality, transparent communication, and the relentless pursuit of your project’s success, we make it our primary goal to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. If you connect with our unique approach, we would love to learn more about you and your project.



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