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Why Designing & Renovating Your Home Takes a Village


How many experts does it take to design and renovate your home? More than you might think. It really does take a village, as they say, to bring beautiful and functional living spaces to life. This is precisely why I have spent two decades cultivating a vibrant community of talented, passionate experts to work alongside us. 

Our extended team includes masters in their fields, from artists and furniture makers to electrical specialists and tile makers. When we work together, you and your project will benefit from these long-standing relationships. 

This month, I am sharing four reasons our clients love our “it takes a village” approach, including who we work with, why, and how we make your entire experience rewarding from start to finish.

Note: If you are not in North Vancouver, this topic will still give you great insights into what it takes to design and renovate a home. I encourage you to find a designer in your area who has a similar community mindset. It makes all the difference!


Edgewater Studio, run by Brady and Marta, is one of our favourite custom tile makers.

1. Harnessing 30+ Different Fields of Expertise

There are more than 30 different areas of expertise in a project. Yes, thirty. These fields include but are not limited to the structure of the home, electrical, plumbing, flooring, wallpaper, fixtures, and furnishings. Each field takes years of study and hands-on experience to achieve mastery, making it impossible for one person to specialize in every area.

Bringing experts together allows us to harness the knowledge and experience of the best and brightest in every field, creating a result that is more than the sum of its parts. It also gives you the confidence that each detail of your home will be completed at the highest possible level.


We called on J & S Reclaimed Wood to create a naturally beautiful wood mantle for this home.

2. Keeping an Eye on New Innovations in Each Field

New products and innovations constantly emerge in our industry, from the latest stain-proof performance fabric to higher durability flooring to advancements in technology. In addition to each professional knowing their field inside and out, they also stay at the forefront of their fields, bringing their newest discoveries, methods, and products to the conversation.

In fact, all of the trades involved in your project will join us on-site for your Trade Day, spending one to two days planning and consulting on ideas. This is when we will discuss any new innovations that might be relevant to your home and goals.


WynnTek is our go-to team for the latest audio-visual integrations.

3. Collaborating on Creative Problem-Solving

What’s another advantage to having a village working on your home? Problem-solving. This means working together to come up with creative solutions (like the media centre above) when designing your home, and it means executing smart resolutions for any issues that crop up during implementation.

A quick note on implementation: I would love to tell you that hiring us means your project will be problem-free, but that simply is not the nature of a renovation. There is no question that issues will arise. The question is when and what. The value of having us on your side is a quick, smart, and professional resolution.

Together with our team of experts, we mitigate problems, resolve issues, and keep your project moving forward as efficiently as humanly possible. You will be able to rest easy knowing that experts have your back, and if there is a way to do it better, we are already looking into it for you.


Constantin Puica of Epic Interior Finishing is a master painter by trade, a close friend of mine, and a hit with every client of ours who crosses his path.

4. Involving Only Who & What You Need

Every renovation includes thousands of multi-disciplinary decisions to make and coordinate, which is another reason to bring in a variety of expertise. However, for efficiency’s sake, it is equally important to ensure that you are only hiring who you need. 

As a designer with 20+ years of experience, I know which roles are needed, who is the right fit, and how to consider the advice of each professional within the context of the big picture. This is a huge benefit to you, because it means efficiency and excellence across the board. 

With the right team of experts working on your project, each element of your home — be it electrical, tile, or statement art — is guaranteed to be genuinely exceptional. No more and no less.


Lisa Ochowycz, local artist, creates pieces that add emotion to spaces and invite contemplation. Her work is featured here in our Lions Bay project.

Meet the Simply Home Community

We are lucky to have so many talented people in the North Vancouver area. Although you have seen a few featured here, you can find even more on our Community Spotlight Page. I hope you will join us in celebrating these hardworking specialists — and maybe even work with them on a future project.

If you are ready for a beautifully designed home brought to life by the best, reach out to us here. We would love to help assemble the perfect team for your goals and work together to create a space that brings you joy for years to come.

Until then,



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