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Design Homework: The Secret to a Home that Feels Like You

For most people, “homework” is a word loaded with meaning and memories. If you are like me, you ...

Why Designing & Renovating Your Home Takes a Village

How many experts does it take to design and renovate your home? More than you might think. It ...

Why Are Furniture Orders Taking So Long?

Does this sound familiar? Your family room, which you have been using extensively as of late, is beginning ...
simply home decorating north vancouver designer leaning on white counter top

Inside Look: What the Interior Design Process is Really Like

Interior design isn’t just about the finished space you get to call home — it’s also about the journey. ...

How to Determine the Length of Your Interior Design Project

From developing a relationship with your interior designer to crafting a home that brings ease to your daily ...

Everything You Need to Know about a Realistic Interior Design Budget

Can you guess one of the single most common misconceptions among people considering an interior design project? I'll ...

7 Preparation Tips for Your Most Rewarding Interior Design Consultation

Imagine yourself in a finished space that looks amazing, works well and feels like you...a home that is ...
classic elegant living room white powder blue ottoman vancouver lower mainland

7 Valuable Ways an Interior Designer Has Your Back

Many people are under the mistaken impression that what an interior designer or decorator does is largely superficial. ...

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