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A Candid Look Inside our Interior Design Process


When it comes to designing your home, it is easy to fixate on the desired results. After all, that is why you started your project in the first place. However, as someone who has renovated and decorated homes for 20+ years, I can tell you… the journey is equally important.

A home renovation or large-scale decorating project does not happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen alone. It requires time, strategy and creativity, cross-team coordination, fast problem-solving, and above all, patience.

If you are like most of our clients — who enjoy high-achieving careers, a bustling family life, and a love for travel — you won’t want to navigate this process yourself. 

This is where we, your design team, become an invaluable resource. We do so much more than “pick out colours” or select fabrics: we lead the planning, project management, and execution of your most authentic home. Let me show you how…


Phase 1: Discovery

Every project starts with an initial Discovery Call and, if we are a good match for each other, a Design Discovery Session in your home. These are opportunities for you to connect with our team, communicate your vision for your home and lifestyle, and discuss your desired aesthetic. (Tip: Bring inspirational images if you have them.) Together, we will identify your home’s potential and refine your project’s scope of work. 

Following our Design Discovery Session, we will create your custom Proposal and schedule a virtual or in-person meeting with you to review it, along with our contract and any questions you might have. Once you have signed the contract and secured our services via retainer, your project officially begins. 

Phase 2: Detailed Design

Phase 2 is all about conceptualizing, documenting, and planning every detail of your project, and it all starts with your action-packed Trade Day. Our team and trade partners (e.g. millwork specialist, electrician, etc.) gather at your property to collect important information and generate big conceptual ideas together. Our clients love this day!

Then, our team spends the next 6-12 weeks ideating and developing these conceptual ideas in our studio. We prepare drawings, design custom elements for your home, select materials and furnishings, and get cost estimates for all proposed goods and renovation work. 

Once we are finished, you are invited to your exciting Design Presentation, which includes a visual display of your interior design concepts, selections for furniture and finishes, and a breakdown of estimated costs. You will have the opportunity to share your feedback, request adjustments, and approve all details before implementation for full peace of mind.

lori steeves interior designer creating design conceptual plans documents for north vancouver clients

Phase 3: Implementation

Once the design is approved, you can go back to your everyday life while our team manages every detail of bringing it to fruition. We procure the items we have sourced for you, which involves a meticulous process of ordering, tracking, receiving, inspecting, and storing all items with care. 

During the Implementation Phase, we will also schedule any cosmetic or structural renovation work included in the scope of your project. This could be as intensive as gutting the kitchen or as non-invasive as painting or installing custom millwork and wallpaper in a powder room. To do so, we will hand-select and coordinate the services of our community of trusted trades, all of whom are masters of their crafts. 

As part of our commitment to ensuring a pleasant and easy process for you, we will also share weekly reports to keep you informed of our progress, plans, and other important updates. Once we have completed all work and procured all items, we are ready for the next phase…

Phase 4: Installation & Reveal

Phase 4 is all about putting the final pieces of the puzzle together. We ask you to enjoy time off the premises while we install your furnishings, lighting, window coverings, art, and decor. Depending on the scope of your project, this process can take 1-3 days — and believe me, you will not want to spoil the surprise by peeking early!

When ready, we will invite you to join us for a complete walk-through, reveal, and celebration of your home. We will point out key features, compile a list of any outstanding items to resolve, and pop champagne — or sparkling cider — to toast this new and exciting chapter of your life. 

Once any outstanding items are resolved, your project officially comes to a close. We will apply your retainer to any final invoices and provide you a Project Package, which includes specifications for all materials or appliances, product care instructions, and other important information. Lastly, we say a BIG thank you with the hopes that you will stay in touch — we never say goodbye for good!


“Lori is a visionary and masters execution to the finest detail. We trusted her decisions and are so glad we worked with her and her team. Thank you for making our living spaces so beautiful!”
— C.B., North Vancouver

Although the interior design process can take time, patience, and flexibility, there is nothing quite like a home designed uniquely for you. By focusing on creative space planning, personal yet timeless design, and materials that endure real life, we ensure that each space supports your active lifestyle and inspires ease that lasts. 

Ready to experience the power of great design for yourself? Start your journey here.



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Uncover the hidden potential in your home.

Whether you live in a mid-century gem in need of an update or a modern new build ready for personality, these creative solutions will change the way your home looks and lives.

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