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Simply Home-larkhall-north-vancouver-kitchen-living-botanical-prints-modern-counter-stools-sofa

Larkhall Crescent: Creating Connection in a Spacious Kitchen & Family Room

This beautiful North Vancouver home belongs to a nature-loving and health-conscious couple, Emma and Vince (names changed), their ...
Simply Home-Vancouver-Ravenswoods-Fireplace-Chandelier-

Serene & Luxurious Condo Design in Raven Woods

This penthouse condo in Raven Woods is home to an adventurous, nature-loving couple. With their children grown and ...

Bold, Classic Dining Room with a Contemporary Touch

The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but the dining room is where the family gathers ...

Modern Kitchen, Living Room & Home Office for an Active Family

What comes to mind when you envision the perfect multi-faceted living spaces? Is it an expansive amount of ...

Nature-Inspired Home Renovation with Sprawling Views

Imagine looking up from your plush reading chair and seeing the early morning fog lifting off the Georgia ...

Cosy, Functional Family Spaces Perfect for Work & Play

There are not many things better than a room full of your favourite people. As you gather you ...

Modern Principle Suite Design with a Touch of the Unexpected

Think back to that glorious time when we could travel... Your Uber pulls up to the doors of ...

How to Renovate with a Complete Transformation in Mind

Over the last 10 years, my husband and I have been renovating, upgrading, and decorating our own North ...
crisp clean living room white relaxing simply home decorating

Bright & Beautiful Living Room Design in Vancouver

When we originally met our clients in their cottage-like home on a lovely treelined street in Vancouver's Kitsilano ...

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