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Modern Principle Suite Design with a Touch of the Unexpected


Think back to that glorious time when we could travel…

Your Uber pulls up to the doors of your five-star hotel. You’re greeted by the valet, who graciously opens the car door for you. The porter whisks away your luggage and ushers you into a stunning atrium with vaulted ceilings and a grand chandelier. You check in with the lovely receptionist, ride the elevator to your floor, open the door to your suite, and immediately… exhale.

The space is fresh and relaxing. Perfectly manicured. Adorned with high-quality linens and furnishings that balance comfort, luxury, and that extra je ne sais quoi. You’re filled with tranquility and excitement, and you think to yourself, “I wish I could stay here forever”.

That feeling — right there — that’s what our clients requested of us for their principle suite design.


Meet our Tasteful, Worldly Clients

Every design starts with the people who will be using and enjoying it. For this Vancouver home, our clients are a husband and wife duo (let’s call them Sean and Emily) who appreciate the finer things in life. When not putting in long days at the law firm, the two enjoy travel, fine dining, original artwork, and their two beautiful golden retrievers.

Emily and Sean came to us for an entire main floor remodel of their dated 1990s home. While we did update their whole main floor, the principle suite is our focus here. With an eye for quality and good design (as evidenced by her fabulous and enviable wardrobe), Emily was the point-person for the project.

Design Goals

As with every client, before launching into the design process, we asked Emily to compile half a dozen images of spaces that resonated with her. During that process, Emily showed me pictures of her favourite hotel rooms. We discussed what she liked about each space and how we might incorporate some of the key elements into her own principle suite.

It was clear from her collection of images that she favoured a modern design aesthetic with a feminine touch. However, some of her inspirational images featured loud wallpaper in a mix of patterns, while others showcased a clean-lined, subdued look.

It took our team a bit of effort to determine exactly how to channel these diverging tastes into something cohesive, but after further clarification, we came up with a well-defined look that suited her modern tastes, feminine preferences, and high-end style.

Functional Goals

From a functional perspective, we knew that dog-friendliness was important throughout the home, as well as ample storage (for Emily’s fabulous wardrobe) in the walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom.

I’ve already shared a peek at our design and renovation process here, so we’ll gloss over that part. Let’s skip ahead to the finished result to see how these spaces turned out…

Reveal: Comfortable, Minimal & Modern Bedroom Design


Ahh… doesn’t it remind of you of days spent traveling the globe in style? To create a hotel-inspired aesthetic, we knew that less would be more. We didn’t want to crowd the space, but rather curate a collection of high-end linens, simple art and decor, lots of texture, and a modern-upscale feel. A restful place where the couple could retreat after their long, busy workdays.

Every detail, from the metallic cork wallpaper behind the headboard to the concrete pendants, elicits the desired modern look. Throw pillows in various patterns and textures soften the space and add interest, while simple greenery infuses a touch of freshness.


With a small footprint and a very high, peaked ceiling, the original space felt just a little “off”. But with some thoughtful design decisions, we knew we could maximize the square footage and help their bedroom feel twice as large as it actually is…

By day, sunlight reflects off the light-colored walls and bedding. The textured wallpaper and slightly darker headboard help this back wall visually recede, opening up the space even further. By night, the pendants fill the space with warm, focused light, creating an intimate and cosy feel.

Of course, no glamorous hotel is complete without curated local artwork. Simple black and white photographs of iconic Vancouver architecture adorn the walls (taken by a local photographer, of course). A graphic-printed glass piece hangs on the opposite wall, adding character and dimension to this elevated retreat.


For another perfect blend of femininity and modernity, we chose nightstands with frosted mirrored tops (also great at reflecting light in the space) with a hidden feature: velvet-lined drawers in pink! Emily loves these, and we have to agree with her. They add a delightful touch of the unexpected.

Fresh & Fabulous His & Hers Bathrooms

“His” bathroom…

The couple has the luxury of having separate bathrooms on the main floor so we created “his and hers” bathrooms, and we continued the grey and white colour scheme in both. We installed modern-style vanities, mirrors, and lighting for clean lines and a timeless aesthetic.

…and “Hers”

While we kept Sean’s bathroom very simple, we treated Emily to something a little extra special. The highlight of the space? This perfectly feminine yet effortlessly subtle floral wallpaper that provides visual texture, an organic pattern to warm up the modern lines, and a slight shimmer for another unexpected touch. Paired with marble-looking tiles on the floor and shower walls, this bathroom is the perfect balance of approachable, yet refined, everyday luxury.

A Delightful & Personal Dressing Room


Although we decided to keep the bedroom design cool and relaxed, we had fun playing with more colour and pattern in the dedicated dressing room. While grey and white are still the foundation of the space (to keep the whole home feeling cohesive), pink makes a recurring appearance as well.

Since the dressing room space is solely for the lady of the house, Emily was happy to let us amp up the femininity. Between the oversized floral wallpaper, ruffled pink throw pillows and drapery, the chic accessorized mannequin and the client’s beloved antique dressing table, it is an experience all of its own.


Opposite the stunning seating area, you’ll find this immaculate closet. We can’t take credit for Emily’s fashion sense, but we made sure her collection would be well-organized and beautifully displayed. Who wouldn’t want to start their day — or night — right here?

The Joyful End Result

The clients are thrilled with their modern, 5-star hotel-inspired principle bedroom, bathrooms, and dressing room. Modern and contemporary selections pair beautifully with feminine touches and unexpected elements, creating a space that feels personal, polished, and perfect for their life’s daily adventures.

If you’re ready to start your own redesign, we would love to help. Contact us here, and let’s get to know each other.

Until next time,


P.s. If you’re not quite ready to hire professional design help, no problem. You can get more helpful tips and exclusive insights in our monthly newsletter. Join here.


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