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Designing a Home to Embrace Your Passions


Imagine a home that not only mirrors your personal aesthetic but also actively encourages you to pursue the activities you enjoy most. By taking an approach that is purposeful, we can do more than simply display what you love — we can craft an environment that enriches your daily practises and removes the hurdles between intention and real action. 

Whether it is a dedicated yoga nook, a vibrant art studio, or a cozy home library, these types of spaces help your home become a haven that nurtures your well-being and ignites even more joy in your daily life. This is a feat we love to help our multi-passionate clients achieve. 

1. Mimic Your Favourite Spaces

Designing for your interests and aspirations extends beyond creating a space for your favourite things. We always begin our working relationship by gaining an understanding of the places you’ve traveled, experiences you hold dear, and how you envision incorporating these meaningful moments into your home’s design. Our team considers all the essential elements, including necessary equipment, layout, functionality, aesthetics, clearance requirements, and more.


Prince Edward Island Estate

In our PEI Project, our clients have an extensive Scotch collection and desired a dedicated space for displaying and enjoying their prized bottles. We transformed their basement recreation room into a multifunctional haven. 

A custom bar area with a backlit wall feature beautifully illuminates the impressive collection, while the lounge-like atmosphere cultivates an inviting space for entertaining. The adjacent pool table completes the area, offering seamless flow and encouraging guests to mingle. The perfect example of a passion — collecting Scotch — becoming an experience for the family and their friends to enjoy.

2. Designate a Personal Haven

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, having a space to retreat and rejuvenate is essential for many of us. Whether it’s for quiet reading or simply unwinding, carving out a personal haven within your home can make all the difference in how you experience each day. 


In one of our recently completed projects, we addressed this need for tranquility within an active household. Amidst a home filled with energetic boys, our client sought a serene sanctuary for moments of solace. We transformed this space with a softer colour palette, delicate floral drapery, and a custom chaise lounge, infusing femininity while maintaining cohesion within the overall aesthetic of the home.

To enhance the atmosphere of peace, we added French doors for sound control and incorporated ample bookshelf space for displaying cherished memories as well as beloved reads. Every detail within this space is designed to put her at ease.

3. Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

When incorporating your passions, we are intentional about considering the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space. Not all of the items that accompany your hobbies are visually appealing — think of a home gym, for example — and some activities might generate noise or require specific considerations. In these instances, strategic placement becomes paramount.


This family with three active teenagers needed their basement recreation room to serve dual purposes: a space for hosting friends and a dedicated workout area. We designed the space with the entertaining and seating area at the forefront, while tucking away the less visually appealing gym equipment in the back of the room, ensuring functionality, comfort, and privacy for everyone.

4. Showcase Your Interests

For visually appealing items related to your passions, we curate thoughtful displays that become integral parts of your home decor. This could involve creating a gallery wall showcasing your art collection, travel mementos, or even your favourite musical instruments.


In the PEI living room, left, we integrated the client’s grand piano into the spacious living area, creating a beautiful focal point and allowing them to share their talent with guests. Conversely, in a smaller setting, pictured on the right, we strategically placed our client’s piano in a nook near the stairs, away from high-traffic areas, to inspire conversation while minimizing potential disruption to the flow of the home.

5. Go Beyond the Expected

Passions are not always confined to traditional hobbies — they can encompass everyday pleasures as well. For instance, we created a designated space within a large walk-in closet for a curated shoe collection (below, left). Another client, who lives far from a coffee shop, took his morning ritual a step further and created a personal coffee bar, transforming their mornings into a joyful experience (below, right).


The beauty of spaces like these is that you get to choose whether your interests become small touches that elevate a room or larger, more single-minded accommodations. Simply share your passions with us, and let us surprise you with what we can imagine for you.

When you are ready, we’re here for you.



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