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Designing Your Large Home for Cozy Living


Designing a large home can evoke feelings of both excitement and trepidation. The grandeur offers boundless opportunities, yet it also poses a distinct set of challenges. Many of my clients approach me with the struggle to infuse intimacy and coziness into expansive spaces, often grappling with echoes and the daunting task of selecting appropriately sized furniture.

When not done correctly, the result can fall short of expectations, leaving you (and your space) yearning for more. The secret to transforming your large home into an inviting haven lies in scale and strategy. Here is how we accomplish this delicate balance…

1. Establish Zones

In larger living spaces, the challenge often lies in creating a cohesive, comfortable, and purposeful environment. To mitigate the sense of vastness and avoid a disconnected and disjointed arrangement, we strategically divide the room into distinct zones. By delineating areas based on their primary and secondary functions, we maintain human scale and intimacy while ensuring each zone serves a purpose.


In our PEI Project, featured above, we strategically arranged furniture and defined functional areas, resulting in a seamless flow that promotes a sense of connection throughout the expansive room. Whether hosting large gatherings or enjoying intimate moments with family and friends, this living space offers versatility all while maintaining a warm and inviting ambiance. 

2. Create Nooks and Moments

Once the zones are established, we begin to craft smaller, more intimate areas. These cozy nooks and inviting corners serve as retreats within the room, offering opportunities for relaxation and reflection. Whether it’s a sun-drenched window seat, a tucked-away entry bench, or a dedicated coffee station, these micro-environments bring the scale down to a human level, making your space feel more approachable and inviting.


In the primary bedroom of our PEI Project (right), we capitalized on the expansive layout by designating a separate lounge area. This idyllic space serves as a retreat for quiet moments, morning coffee rituals, or evening reading sessions. Positioned strategically to capture views of the cavendish dunes, the arrangement of the chairs, side table, and ottoman (sourced from Once a Tree Furniture) offers both comfort and functionality, creating the perfect balance between relaxation and enjoyment.

3. Infuse Texture and Warmth with Natural Materials

Texture plays a powerful role in infusing depth and warmth into large spaces. Soft furnishings like plush throw pillows, billowy drapery, and oversized area rugs not only enhance visual appeal but also serve as effective sound dampening solutions, mitigating those unwanted echoes.


Prince Edward Island Estate

By incorporating a variety of natural textures and materials, we introduce visual interest and tactile comfort, effectively transforming the room into a cozy haven. For example, we often source natural wood side tables and hand select oversized plants to bring life into your space, while woven wall hangings and custom upholstery infuse an artisanal touch, elevating the overall ambiance with warmth and character.

My Final Advice

If your spacious home feels disjointed or lacks cohesion, the solution often lies in strategic furnishing and mindful scaling. For more insights, I invite you to download our complementary guide, Uncovering the Hidden Potential of Your Home, available below.

Feeling uncertain or overwhelmed? We are here to help. Our mission is to create spaces that inspire peace, comfort, and serenity. Reach out to schedule a Discovery call and see if we are the right team for you.



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Uncover the hidden potential in your home.

Whether you live in a mid-century gem in need of an update or a modern new build ready for personality, these creative solutions will change the way your home looks and lives.

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