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custom built-in bench cabinetry closet lions bay home blue wood beams coastal feel

What Gets Customized in a Professionally Designed Home?

Most of our clients are shocked when they realize what goes into custom designing a single piece, and ...
Simply Home-PEI-coffee-table-living-room-vancouver-custom-wood-modern-black-fireplace-local-artisan

5 Reasons to Source Local when Designing Your Home

If you know me, you know that I love working with local artists, craftspeople, suppliers, and specialists. I ...
furnish a whole home green sofa custom recessed shelving warm tree artwork nature-inspired home

Should You Furnish Your Whole Home at Once?

Should you furnish a whole home at once? Most designers will say yes, but if you ask me, ...

5 Design Ideas for Inspiring a Cozy Home

Now more than ever, feeling sheltered, cocooned, and cozy at home has become a top priority. Amid the ...

5 Reasons to Love & Renovate Mid-Century Homes

If you look around, you will find mid-century homes all over North Vancouver. In fact, I have one ...

The Emotional Roller Coaster of a Renovation

A roller coaster of emotions. This phrase can be used to describe a thrilling page-turner or the latest ...

Designing a Home that Supports Your Active Lifestyle

North Vancouver is a naturally breathtaking place, and if you’re anything like me, getting outdoors is a year-round ...
COVER - two dogs on green sofa gold frame simply home decorating design for homes with pets north vancouver

7 Smart Home Design Tips for Living with Pets

In my opinion, life is better with pets. Whether it’s your puppy playfully romping through the grass or ...

The 5 Essential Elements of The Simple Home

We’ve all heard the adage “less is more”, and while it may conjure images of minimalism and efficiency, ...

5 Ways We’re Reimagining the Kitchen for Modern-Day Living

North Vancouver is infamous for decades-old homes with small kitchens lacking in both space and functionality. In these ...

How Whimsical Touches Bring Lightness to Luxury Design

When you think of “luxury” interior design, you might picture sprawling marble floors, scintillating chandeliers, and ornate, lavish ...

5 Steps to a Beautiful Fireplace Remodel

There is a good reason that almost every design project we have encountered lately has included a fireplace ...

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