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Designing a Home that Supports Your Active Lifestyle


North Vancouver is a naturally breathtaking place, and if you’re anything like me, getting outdoors is a year-round endeavour. Whether you partake in the annual Grand Fondo, hike with your family in the North Shore Mountains, enjoy ski trips to Whistler, or relish afternoons kayaking in Deep Cove, this region has something for the adventurer in all of us.

Believe it or not, your home can play an important role in making those moments even more memorable and enjoyable.

From helping you get out the door to simplifying your post-adventure routine, a well-designed home can elevate your lifestyle within its walls and beyond them. Today, I’m sharing 7 practical and unexpected tips for doing just that. 


1. A Mudroom for All Occasions

If you enjoy the outdoors in any capacity, a mudroom is essential. Dirty shoes, wet coats, and sports equipment can be removed and stored in this space, confining unwanted odors and mess to one capable area. Position your mudroom near an entrance to naturally decrease the amount of clutter and debris tracked into the rest of the house.

2. Conveniently Located Laundry Room

Like a strategically placed mudroom, the location of your laundry room largely impacts its ability to function well for your lifestyle. In fact, placing your laundry machines in your mudroom is ideal. I guarantee you will appreciate a laundry area close to your home’s entrance, especially when coming home from the kids’ soccer games or a morning spent mountain biking.

In my own home, our tiled laundry room is by the back door. After mountain biking or hiking with the dogs, my husband can walk in, abandon his wet, muddy clothes in the washing machine, and step directly into the shower without consequence. We’ve had other homes that were missing this functional layout, and I can tell you — I much prefer it this way!


3. Easy-to-Maintain Flooring

Whether your entryway is a mudroom off of the garage or your front door, tile is my favourite flooring option for areas of ingress. Why? Tile is easy to clean and resists water damage. To keep it from getting slippery, we like to opt for tile with some texture or we can add a waterproof mat, which doubles as a place to wipe wet feet (or paws). 

4. Designated Gear Storage

Many outdoor activities come with bulky gear that is challenging to keep organized and out of sight. This is why I always recommend planning your space and its organization for the exact items you want to store. For example, in this Modern Home Renovation in Vancouver, we created a warm, dry, and perfectly sized storage space for our client’s hockey bag, located right by the door.

Many North Shore residents use their garages for gear storage as well, which is a practical option in our milder climate. My own garage is highly organized with secure bike racks, ski storage solutions, a workout space for my Peloton, an infrared sauna, and neatly labeled bins. While garages are not our specialty, we are always open to developing customized solutions for you.


5. Practical & Accessible Dog Washing Station

It’s no secret that our furry family members love outdoor adventures as much as we do…and probably more. Instead of stressing about the mess that accompanies a mountain hike or a coastal stroll, include a designated washing station in your design. Now that my family has two active dogs who love being outside with us, I consider this a must-have in any future home of ours. (Read here for more design tips when living with pets.)

6. Functional, Cozy Fireplace

Imagine you’ve just returned from a lengthy, satisfying hike in the rainforest with your dog. After rinsing away all the dirt and leaves in your dog washing station, it’s finally time to relax. What better place to warm up, dry off, and settle in than a cozy and inviting fireplace? Not only do fireplaces elevate your space aesthetically, but they provide functional heat and comfort that are perfect for supporting your active lifestyle in the chillier months.


7. Choose “The Simple Home”

After a stimulating day outdoors, imagine coming home to spaces that feel disorganized, dysfunctional, and mentally draining. Not a happy experience. Instead, imagine that you return to spaces that feel beautifully clean and relaxing. You drop off your things, freshen up, and immediately settle in for an evening of relaxation. Much better.

This is what simplicity can do for you, and having spaces that feel like a respite will only encourage even more future adventures. To learn about creating spaces that deliver lasting joy, connection, and relaxation, I suggest reading The 5 Essential Elements of The Simple Home.


Ready to make the most of your active lifestyle, indoors and out? Reach out to us here or download our complimentary Guide to Uncovering the Hidden Potential in Your Home below. We can’t wait to help you create a home that supports and encourages life’s daily adventures.

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