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This month’s spotlight belongs to our #1 best trade partner, Constantin Puica of Epic Interior Finishing. Constantin is a master painter by trade, a close friend of mine, and a hit with every client of ours who crosses his path.

Constantin moved to Canada from Romania in 1995 and brought his Old World charm, strong work ethic, and mad painting skills with him. We met in Ottawa in 2004 and became fast friends. I soon convinced him to leave his day job and dedicate himself to his painting business full-time. (I admit it was a bit self-serving.)

Fast forward to 2018 when he relocated to Vancouver, and we were finally able to commission his expertise again. He paints, installs all of our decorative trim work and wallpaper, and is a wiz at getting rid of those dreaded popcorn ceilings.

Epic Interior Finishing and Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating

The cherry on top? Our clients’ rave reviews make him a superhero:

“Constantin was always friendly and was a pleasure to have around the house. We found his work to be impeccable. we would not hesitate to recommend Constantin to our friends and family.”

“I’ve never before seen a painter that is able to complete a job without getting paint all over his clothes. This is truly the mark of a professional!”

Impressive, right? If you need a meticulous painter, call us and we would love to hook you up with Constantin.

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