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Miriam Aroeste

It is no secret that we are huge art lovers and enjoy incorporating original art into our designs wherever possible. This month’s spotlight belongs to one of our favorite Vancouver-based visual artists, Miriam Aroeste.

A native to Mexico City, Miriam spent her early twenties living and studying in Paris and Rome, where she was totally immersed in a world of intellectual creatives. Now, she creates works filled with lively colours, movement, and expression.

Miriam Aroest Vancouver Artist

Above, Miriam stands next to one of her oil paintings (left), while a composition in the same collection adds movement and dimension to our clients’ entryway (right). Shown below is a mixed media piece rich in colour and depth, titled LUZ DE LUNA.

Miriam Aroest Vancouver Artist

We love how Miriam floods her work with a vibrance and life that jumps from her canvases as much as the vivid colours do! If you are a fellow art lover, you can explore Miriam’s collected works or reach out to us about creating art-infused spaces with personality that fits your own.

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