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SoulRoots Moss Art


I’m thrilled to introduce you to Ann Marie Lewis and her unique biophilic design business, SoulRoots Moss Art. Ann Marie hand makes customizable installation pieces of all sizes from sustainably harvested mosses and natural elements. Take one look at her stunning gallery and you’ll immediately feel the wonderfully unexpected mix of calming yet vibrant pieces.


Ann Marie shares that her passion for the outdoors, deep respect for nature, and background in floristry naturally drew her to biophilic design. She is inspired to share the beauty of the forest, bringing its healing and calming energies indoors through her unique moss art creations.
If you ask me, nothing says “North Shore” like the moss and ferns of our rainforest. If you’re looking for a piece for your home that will allow you to connect with nature daily, checking out SoulRoots Moss Art is a must.
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