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How to Use Colour to Create an Inspiring Home


If you have ever walked into a bright room and felt instantly uplifted, then you know colour is a powerful force that can enhance your experience of a space. Colour can calm, excite, inspire…and take a plain neutral space to another level.

Below I share 5 impactful ways to add colour to your home, from small subtle touches to bigger ticket items that will yield more dramatic results.


Recognize Your Favourite Colours

Where will you find colour inspiration? It may be walking through the forest or strolling on a rocky beach, visiting an art gallery in a foreign city or shopping at a local farmer’s market.

Colour inspiration can come from literally anywhere. But how does that play into your decor? Well, often the places where you feel the most alive can provide clues about the best hues to incorporate into your surroundings.

For instance, if you love spending time in a flower garden in full bloom then you may be attracted to colours that remind you of that setting… vivid fuschias, oranges, and yellows. Whereas if you prefer the concrete jungle of downtown you may find subtle shades of grey more pleasing.

No matter where you draw your inspiration, knowing how to work your favourite colours into your home will create spaces that spark joy and inspire you.

Now let’s look at how to work some of those colours that you love into your living spaces…


1. Elevate Your Space with Colourful Accessories

If you are hesitant to embrace colour, consider starting small with accessories. Pillows, lamps, vases, even fresh flowers are all great low-commitment ways to inject colour into your decor.

If you keep your larger furniture pieces neutral and you tire of your accent colour choice over time, or if you like to change things up with the seasons, this strategy won’t cost you a lot of money (or time) to change.


2. Give Your Walls a Facelift

You should think of your walls as the backdrop to your design scheme. Are you looking to create drama? Would you prefer a light and airy feel?

Whatever the case, your wall colour will set the tone for the room and, as the single largest surface area, the impact can be significant. Maybe that is why choosing a wall colour seems like such a big decision.

Remember, when decorating a space, it is generally easier to select the specific wall colour last since the choices are almost infinite. It is much easier to find the right paint tones to work with your fabrics and furnishings than the other way around.


3. Don’t Forget Your Floors

As the foundation of a room’s decor, an area rug is an excellent opportunity to add colour to your room and since it isn’t at eye level, you can risk a bolder choice without overwhelming the space.

We like to build our design schemes from the ground up and consider area rugs a great jumping off point. For a cohesive look we recommend drawing the carpet colours out in other elements like toss pillows and artwork.


4. Draw Attention to Your Artwork

Speaking of artwork…it is another great way to add colour to a room and, like area rugs, it makes an excellent starting point for a room’s colour palette.

Art can stand completely on its own or work in conjunction with other pieces for a multi-layered scheme.


5. Try Out Bold Upholstery

If you are more committed to colour, some bold occasional chairs are an effective way to introduce colour into an otherwise neutral decor.

Don’t shy away from a multi-coloured pattern on a pair of chairs. Your fabric choice here can be just as effective as an area carpet or piece of art. Accent chairs are a great jumping off point for your colour scheme.


Hesitant to Try This Yourself? We Can Help!

It can be tricky to strike the right balance of colour in your home: too little and your space risks falling flat, too much and your rooms can look overdone, even garish.

It takes a trained eye and careful consideration to artfully weave colour into your space. If you lack confidence in this area, a colour expert can help.

We absolutely love working with colour and feel that no space is complete without a few lively accents that leave our clients feeling happy and inspired.

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