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How Whimsical Touches Bring Lightness to Luxury Design


When you think of “luxury” interior design, you might picture sprawling marble floors, scintillating chandeliers, and ornate, lavish decor that feels precious. When it comes to our homes, especially if you have children, this concept of luxury might not seem practical — even if you do love refined, upscale style. 

Fortunately, there is a happy medium that can offer you the best of both worlds: everyday luxury. 

Everyday luxury is stylish and livable. High-end and approachable. Enduring and comfortable for both children and adults. To achieve this balance, we craft a combination of well-made products, personalized style and function, and the topic of today, whimsical design touches. 

What is a whimsical touch?

Whimsical touches are difficult to explain, but I liken them to the smile of a room. It is that element that feels not-so-serious and even a little humourous. It makes luxury design feel at ease and livable. To truly understand its role in homes, though, you have to see it for yourself. Keep reading for several ways we have incorporated whimsical design elements into our projects.

1. Delightfully Unexpected Animals


Can you spot the animals in these two spaces? On the left, a hilariously unexpected pig sculpture graces the top of our clients’ antique armoire (and starts conversations) in this modern-meets-classic condo in North Vancouver. On the right, a gold giraffe peers over our clients’ basement family room from a high shelf.

Each adds an element of surprise, liveliness, and whimsy to these luxurious spaces. Plus, they differentiate our clients’ homes one from the next. What are the chances that your neighbour would also have a plump pig sculpture in their home?

2. Whimsical Design Through Other Joyful Accessories


Animals aren’t the only muse for whimsical design touches. In this West Side Family Home, we used a ballerina figurine (paired with a dramatic chandelier) to lighten up the tone of their family room. These pieces reflect the taste and interests of our clients, striking up enjoyable conversation and conveying their own unique sense of humour.


In this family’s newly designed workspace, we styled the space with all the finesse of seasoned professionals…using children’s toys for the accessories. The result is a space that feels fun for the kids but looks polished to an adult’s sense of style. Incorporating children’s toys also shows that you have kept them in mind during the design process, which helps them feel a sense of belonging.

3. Whimsical Design with Colour


This luxury hotel-inspired principle bedroom may look several shades of gray, but open up the drawers on these end tables, and you’ll find… velvet lining in bright pink! Sometimes, the best whimsical design touches are the ones that feel like surprises each time you discover them. On the other hand, whimsical colour doesn’t have to be subtle…


We added this mural to our clients’ playroom, picking vibrant chairs that perfectly match the passenger cars on the ferris wheel. Now, children and adults alike will feel the creative pull of the room. It’s simple yet lively, refined yet whimsical.

4. Whimsical Design via Murals & Wallpaper


Patterned wallpaper and beautiful murals are two more delightful ways to bring cheer to the walls, through both colour and composition. In this nursery, we used whimsical wallpaper with pops of golden yellow. The nursery feels polished and professional, while maintaining an uplifting and approachable mood that both children and adults can enjoy. (Note: I would probably call this cloud light fixture whimsical, too.)


At the other end of the spectrum, we have this nature-inspired mural. It’s whimsical in a more serious, mature way, adding depth and dimension to the room and an instant smile for my daughter, Findlay, who loves the forest. That’s the other secret with whimsical design touches—and your home, in general—it’s all about what makes you smile each and every day.

So, how about you? Are you ready for everyday luxury that brings a smile to your face? It can be difficult to add whimsical design elements without compromising the elegance of your home, but with the right support, we can help you create a home that feels inspired, joyful, and as luxurious as you have always imagined. Reach out to us here, and let’s start the conversation.

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